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Rodgers Infinity 361 Organo a Due Manuali - PREZZO DA CONCORDARE





•User-customizable functions for thumb pistons, toe pistons, and rocker tabs
•Extensive user voicing capabilities
•Floating Solo division controlled by drawknobs
•Organ Type piston instantly activates American Eclectic, English Cathedral, French Romantic or German Baroque stops, with no loss of ability to select from the entire stoplist
•Full general and divisional combination action
•Built-in record/playback system
•Hymn Player with 350 popular hymn tunes including introduction & verse, with the ability to change the tempo, volume, key, and stop registration
•99 internal memory levels
•USB storage for song data (up to 2,574 memory levels per USB drive)
•Adjustable Zimbelstern, Tremulants, Crescendo sequence, and Tutti registration
•Piston sequencer (Next, Previous)
•Easy-to-read c entral LCD screen for menus and adjustments
•Transposer for real-time performance or playback of song data files
•Pipe-ready to play new or existing pipe configurations
•Full MIDI system ready for an external sound module
•Headphone jack included for silent practice

Developed with Rodgers' new Natural Pipe Realism technology, the sound of Infinity Series organs is simply glorious. The Infinity Series, based on Roland's powerful SSC technology, delivers the most authentic pipe organ sound available in a digital organ. The specification spans various tonal genres, providing extraordinary musical expressiveness and versatility. Rodgers' unique sampling process with up to 8 microphones captures exquisitely detailed pipe organ sounds. With state-of-the-art Dimensional Sound Placement technology, the distribution of the sound creates an unprecedented level of realism.

Da inserire:

  • Modello: RODGERS INFINITY 361
  • Prodotto da: Rodgers

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