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Vicoustic Multi Fusor DC2 - 6 pannelli Grigi





Confezione da 6 pannelli
Multi Fusor DC 2 is a bi-dimensional diffusion panel that is frequently applied to walls or ceilings, providing multi-reflection on both vertical and horizontal planes in sound critical spaces. It performs on mid and high frequencies, brightening and clarifying sound. Made from high quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), Multi Fusor DC 2 is notable not only for its effective performance in solving problems like lack of speech intelligibility or music definition, but also for its attractive design that fits perfectly in any kind of room.

- High efficiency - 2 dimensional primitive root diffuser + top surface angle.
- Easy to install
- Can be painted with water-based paints
- 6 units per box

Product Technical Information
Material - Hight Density Expanded polystyrene
Product Dimensions - 60 x 60 x 15 cm
Fire Rating – M1
Installation- Adhesive FlexiGlue

Recording and Broadcast Studios, Post Production Studios, Listening Rooms, Conference and Teleconference Rooms, Lecture Halls, Distance Learning Rooms, Public Spaces, Auditoriums, Performance Spaces, etc.

  • Modello: Multi Fusor DC2
  • Prodotto da: Vicoustic

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